About Me

a fire was lit.
my first design class was an introduction to typography. the class was not
part of my general education curriculum, but something drew me to it. there my eyes were opened to the world of design and a fire was lit inside me. over the years, looking back, it seemed obvious i would choose a career in graphic design. as a kid, i made my own greeting cards for family and friends. i was fascinated with crayons, markers, pens, stationary
. . . as i got older, that didn’t stop. there was something magical about taking what i had in my mind and heart and trying to express it visually through words and imagery.

fast forward to now . . . . .
that fire that was ignited years ago has only gotten more fierce over time.
i carry years of design experience expressed in a diverse portfolio. i hold genuine people skills, based on intuition and knowledge gained from successful partnerships. i take client satisfaction to heart and realize they
are at the core of success. i bring a serious understanding of planning, deadlines, and the need to work quickly in fast-paced environments, while maintaining focus and quality.

thank you
i appreciate you taking the time to explore my work. enjoy!